The best hash browns are home-made hash browns. While our hash brown recipe may be like
other hash brown recipes they don't call for McBride's Organic Farm potatoes. Try these in the
summer when our potatoes first come out of the ground and you will taste the difference
freshness makes.



2 large McBride's Organic Farm russet potatoes (grated and dried)
3 T olive oil

The trick to making excellent hash browns is removing the moisture from the potatoes once they
have been grated. A ricer works best in removing the moisture but towels work as well. Heat the
oil in a pan and add the grated potatoes. Form the potatoes using a spatula and cook for
approximately 10 minutes on medium high heat until golden brown on both sides. Variations on
this recipe include adding herbs, spices, flour, onions or garlic to the mixture before placing the
potatoes into the pan.