Is it a garlic soup with artichokes or an artichoke soup with garlic? We'll let you decide. For
ease of use and to reduce your cooking time you may want to substitute the five fresh artichoke
hearts for frozen or one can(ned) artichokes. You should avoid marinated artichokes for this
recipe. Prep time is approximately 10-15 minutes.



6 cloves McBride's Organic Farm garlic (chopped fine)
5 artichoke hearts
1/4 c butter
6 c vegetable stock
1 McBride's Organic Farm potato (medium sized - diced)

Sauté the garlic with the butter over low heat. Stir in the artichokes and let the flavours combine
for five minutes or so before adding the vegetable stock and potato. Simmer at a low boil for
approximately 45-60 minutes while stirring occasionally.