Fall has officially arrived when your first leek soup of the year is simmering on the stovetop.
Delicious hot or cold, our leek soup is easy to make and a delight to ladle into a bowl. This
recipe will feed an army, (or the customers we expected to taste our dreamy soup one fall day at
the Orillia market but didn't as we forgot the soup in the fridge that morning).




2 bunches McBride's Organic Farm leeks (sliced)
5 lbs McBride's Organic Farm red potatoes (quartered)
1 T dry mustard
1/4 c butter
8 c vegetable stock

Sauté leeks in butter - add mustard. Boil potatoes, adding stock and leeks once potatoes are
cooked. Allow flavors to blend and purée. Garnish with grated cheese, chives, yoghurt or all
three toppings! Total time from beginning to cook through to beginning to eat is a leisurely two
hours, with the occasional stir.