Farm news!

I'm selling at Gravenhurst market again this Wednesday - with lots of wonderful farm produce... come and see us there! We'll have salad mix, head lettuces, beets and carrots, 3 kinds of peas, and even some purslane - yes, it's a weed, but a tasty one, and very nutritious! The last of the scapes this week - my garlic crop is looking great so far, and we can probably start harvesting in 2 weeks!


Delivery through MJM Organics is available by clicking the link.  You will notice that our online form is now removed - the link will take you directly to MJM's order form.

We have lots of buckwheat planted this year - if the timing is right, Adam's Honey will have more of that wonderful buckwheat honey from the fields.

Doug has reduced the size of our beef herd, but still has  cows  -All sides and split sides are currently sold out for this year. However, we are taking names on a cancellation list. . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cuts will also be available again late September. The price per pound for sides or split sides remains at $5.70 this year.


Order Pick-up and Delivery

   Delivery Schedule – every 2nd week-

  All orders through MJM Organics:

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Beef Notes:

Beef is not currently available - but will return in in the fall.


Farmers'  Markets:

Barrie market is open!

Coldwater market is open!

Gravenhurst market is open!

Orillia Fairgrounds market is open!

  • Doug and Sharon are no longer attending the Barrie and Orillia markets, but the new farmers are there now!
  • Gravenhurst  Market - we are there this year! 

     Farm sales - will be back for the growing season - July onward.