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Doug and Sharon McBride have been farming together since 1984. The road to organics began with a little farm in Campbellville, Ontario. A few years later we settled in Oro Township and that is where McBride's Organic Farm as you know it came into existence. In 1994 we became full-time farmers and the following year we committed ourselves full-time to organic farming. We started farming organically for ourselves initially and later, we recognized a demand for local organic produce. McBride's Organic Farm was then certified organic in 1996.

In our 12 (or so) acres of garden, we grow just about every type of vegetable, along with lots of herbs, and some raspberries and strawberries! This year, we are adding a section for cut flowers.

We start all our own organic seedlings while the snow is still on the ground and transfer them to our greenhouses when conditions allow. Our tunnels also allow for season extension to make the most of our growing season and provide you with local organic produce as late into the year as possible. In fact, our last root crops come out of the ground in November and are sold through the winter months at market.

From the greenhouse our seedlings are planted out to the garden, and harvested all summer long. We succession plant our greens (spinach, chard, kale, lettuces and salad mixes) to keep the fresh produce coming! The bulk of the remaining 95 acres of McBride's Organic Farm is dedicated to our beef herd as pasture land and space for growing hay and grain crops. All the food and bedding for our cattle is grown right here, and on nearby farms that we have transitioned to organic certification.

Every week, we also pick up certified organic fruits and vegetable that we either don't grow, or are not currently harvesting. We deliver, or you can come later in the morning to the market, without missing out. If you don't like heading to the market early Saturday (not everyone does..!), you can order ahead from our weekly selection found at "This Week's List":

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You can order fresh, farm food electronically via our weekly email listings or visit us at the Barrie Farmers Market and Orillia Farmer's Market. Drop by and say, "Hi" to us when you are at the market. We love to meet our neighbours.