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Whether it's chicken, fish, vegetarian or our own organic beef, these recipes are sure to make you loosen that belt one notch before you leave the table.

Parsnip Casserole

This baked parsnip and leek casserole is an ideal supper dish that serves six.

Potato Fennel Bake

Now I know what to do with all the fennel we grow! Use the bulbs and stalks in the recipe, and save the feathery tops for a garnish.

Squash Stuffed with Kasha

This has been a great year for squash at McBride's Organic Farm. Bountiful harvests lead to experiments in the kitchen. This is how we married kasha (buckwheat groats) to squash. We have tried three different varieties of our squash in this recipe: buttercup; kuri and; sweet mama. Each has their merits but for the sake of posterity we will use the slightly sweeter sweet mama for the squash of record. Our squash stuffed with kasha serves six with a healthy helping or two of kasha left over.

Sweet and Sour Meat Loaf

An old, church recipe from the Prairies that puts a delightful spin on the simplest of meals. This meat loaf will have you saying "Hallelujah!" and praying for more. Truly divine!

Tomato Zucchini Casserole à la Naomi

"Thanks for the great zucchini which is amazing in this dish!" With those 11 words a new chapter unfolds in The McBride Organic Farm canon. Customer recipes are always welcome and the Tomato Zucchini Casserole from Naomi - a valued customer from Orillia - is the first of our reader suggested recipes. Send us your favorite recipe using McBride's Organic Farm beef or produce and we will post it to the recipes section of our website à la Naomi.