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The perfect companion at lunch with your favorite sandwich. These soups are so good they are a meal unto themselves.

Potato Cheddar Soup with Beer

Most everything you need to make this hearty soup is grown at McBride's Organic Farm with the notable exceptions being the beer and cheddar.

Potato Scape Soup

We could have called this soup - delicious hot or cold - scape vichyssoise but it’s harder to type than it is to say. No matter what it is called our potato scape soup is easy to make and you won't be called late for dinner.

Pumpkin Honey Soup

Elegant in its simplicity. Our pumpkin honey soup includes only four ingredients other than the aforementioned pumpkin and honey! From concept to table your soup will be ready within the hour. We guarantee that this soup will become a fixture around the holiday table in years to come. Don't throw away those seeds. Roast them.

Zucchini Soup

This hearty soup will have you thinking of the Mediterranean. As with most of the soups perfected in the McBride Organic Farm kitchen, this soup is delicious hot or cold. Throw in some beans and pasta and you have a wonderful minestrone.