july 15 2014 008Who remembers Betty the field hand?

 What's Happening at the Farm?

Summer finally arrived – more heat now that the end of September is coming than we had all summer. Crazy!!

We will have more beans this week – enjoy them while they last!! Hoping that they will still be there for Thanksgiving but who knows....

We're starting to pick fresh bunches of carrots from our late planting this week. We have some 5 lb bags for this week as well, and will have more in a few weeks.

This is the time of year that more people start to order ahead – it really helps us to gauge how much to pick up from the wholesaler, and to harvest from the field, if we have your order early. (We pick up early Thursday mornings, so the earlier the better!)

You will notice something new on our online order form – It is now all on one page, without the tabs for different categories. It will make it quicker for ordering. Also, you now receive immediate confirmation of your order by email.  Please read through the new instructions in the "On-Line Order Form" area at the bottom of this page.

Farm-To-Table weekly box options (in the "OTHER PRODUCE" section of the On-Line Order Form)... Pre-packed boxes for the week ending September 30th:

Bounty Box ($25.00) carrots, candycane beets, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, pepper squash, basil, onion.

Harvest Box ($40.00)- carrots, candycane beets, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, pepper squash, basil, onion, rainbow chard, yams, cremini mushrooms, cabbage, garlic.

Fruit Bowl ($15.00)- 2 lb bananas, BC apples – 2 gala, 3 mac, 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 1 canteloupe melon

Fruit Basket ($25.00)-3 lb bananas, BC apples – 4 gala, 4 mac, 3 oranges, 1 lemon, 1 canteloupe melon, 1 lb kiwis.

rib steak1a 250From the kitchen

We did a test batch of vegan cabbage rolls last week, and they were great! So Chris will be cooking up a big batch for the markets – cabbage, rice, all kinds of our farm veggies, and a fresh tomato sauce. One package is ample for 2 people. Next week we will  be adding a beef version...

Beef Notes:

All stocked up!

For sides and split sides: We are taking orders now for October delivery. Contact us for more info if you are interested. The price per lb is $5.10, based on the hanging weight.

Market Notes:
Barrie Downtown
- Saturday 8 – 12 outside on Mulcaster street beside Barrie City Hall

Orillia Downtown - Saturday 8 – 12:30 outside the public library

Gravenhurst Waterfront - Wednesday 9am – 2pm


 On LineOrder5 400

Order directly from our On-line Order form - now with SSL Security!   

Please read through these instructions before proceeding to the On-line Order page:

  • Use the drop-downs to enter the quantity of each item you need. (Note: To delete an incorrect entry just select the blank quantity).
  • Pay careful attention to the units for each product (i.e. "lb", "bag", "serving", "litre", "piece", "bunch", "pint", "box")  to make sure that you order the amount that you want. 
  • In the Checkout area, fill in Name and Email, use the box for "Special Request" if required, and fill in "Address" if you have chosen "Delivery".
  • Click on "I'm not a robot" (a security measure - green check mark required!) and "Submit" your Order. 
  • Please note: While building your order, do not leave the order page...if you navigate away from the On-line Order form, you will lose whatever you have entered and send in a blank order (embarrassing - your kids will snicker - even more than when it was a multi-tab form)!


On Saturdays, we are at Barrie Farmers' Market from 8 am to 12 noon. Come see us outside this week! The market will set up on Mulcaster Street, with lots more room for vendors and shoppers.

We are back at the Orillia Farmers' Market this Saturday - 8 am to noon - at the Public Library, corner of West & Mississaga Streets in the heart of downtown Orillia. 


You can come and do your own shopping at the farm between noon and 3 pm on Friday or pick up your order after 2pm (please place your pick-up order by Friday morning!


Farm Pick-Up 

1432 Line 8 North

Oro Medonte, Ontario




Minimum orders of $40.00 in Orillia, Barrie and in between. Delivery is on Thursdays every week, between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.  If you ask for delivery, please include a phone number and your address. *If you are not home for the delivery time please leave out a cooler as the weather can be quite hot*

Please note that having tried to build a sufficient base of delivery customers in south Barrie, without success,  unfortunately we are now forced to charge a delivery fee for distance. We will let you know if this applies to you and your order. Of course, we would still love to see you at the Barrie market on Saturday, or have you visit the farm to pick up your order!!

*** Don't forget to place your order by Friday morning for farm pickup - use the On-line Order Form.

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