Fresh Veggies and Fruits

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We'd like to be able to grow avocados, bananas and pineapples! But since some produce just doesn't grow in Canada, we buy in a selection of fruits and vegetables weekly - that we either don't grow, or that we have sold out of for the year. We check for quality before packing your order, and offer a full refund if you aren't satisfied with our products.





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McBride's Organic Farm prides itself on its free-range, grass-fed and grain-finished Limousin beef. First imported to Canada in 1968 from the Limoges region of France Limousin beef is a genetically leaner beef with a 20,000-year history in Europe. Referred to as the "butcher's animal" in France, Limousin beef is substantially more tender than other breeds and is 95 percent fat-free.

We sell our beef frozen, by the cut, or by the side or split side. You can purchase cuts at the farmers' markets (ordering ahead is a good idea), or at the farm by appointment.

Sides and split-sides of our Limousin beef are available by booking in advance. Not only do you save money on a per pound basis but your sides are also cut to your specifications.  If you can find a better beef elsewhere...well, we'd be out of business.  Prices and availability are shown on This Week's List: ThisWeeksList1 75


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We are not currently raising chickens. We stock a variety of frozen cuts and whole chickens at the farm from Fenwood Farm, a certified organic chicken producer near Ancaster. The same care that goes into raising our beef stock is found in the chicken that we offer you from Fenwood Farm. See the current prices and availability on This Week's List.





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Our Ontario farm-fresh eggs are certified-organic to ensure that you and your family get the quality that you deserve and expect. 




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We keep a stock of certified organic, frozen salmon fillets at the farm. The salmon is farm-raised in the north Atlantic, where strong ocean currents help to keep the fish healthy, without the use of antibiotics.






Other Produce

If you haven't found what you are looking for in our other sections, the odds are that you will find it here. The same high standards that you expect from McBride's Organic Farm produce and beef is found in the following food items:

Description    Quantity   Availability
Almond Pound Year Round
Date-Medjool Pound Year Round
Ginger Pound Year Round
Raisin-Jumbo Thompson   Pound Year Round
Rice-Basmati Brown Pound Year Round
Rice-Basmati White Pound Year Round


From Our Garden - Seasonal Availability

All of the following organic produce is grown on our farm in Oro Township. You can taste the difference of locally-grown organic produce. McBride's Organic Farm believes in the adage that once you go organic you never go generic.

Check our weekly list to see what is available today!  ThisWeeksList1 75

Description  Unit Quantity   
Arugula Bunch June thru October
Baby Bok Choy Each April and October
Basil Each mid-August thru mid-October
Beans-Green Pound mid-July thru October
Beans-Purple Pound mid-July thru October
Beans-Yellow Pound mid-July thru October
Beet-Chioggia Bunch mid-July thru September
Beet-Chioggia Bulk September thru March
Beet-Gold Bunch mid-July thru September
Beet-Gold Bulk September thru March
Beet-Red Bunch mid-July thru September
Beet-Red Bulk September thru March
Broccoli Each mid-August thru October
Brussels Sprouts Each mid-October thru December
Cabbage-Green Each mid-August thru March
Cabbage-Red Each mid-August thru March
Carrot Bunch mid-July thru September
Carrot Bulk September thru February
Cauliflower Each early October thru November
Celeriac (Celery Root) Each September thru January
Celery Each mid-August thru September
Chard Bunch mid-July thru October
Cilantro Bunch July thru October
Collard Greens Bunch July thru September
Cucumber Each mid-August thru September
Eggplant Each mid-August thru October
Fennel Each late-August thru October
Garlic Each late-July thru December
Garlic Scapes Bunch mid-June thru mid-July
Kale-Black Bunch mid-August thru October
Kale-Green Bunch mid-September thru December
Kale-Red Bunch mid-September thru December
Leek Bunch September thru December, April
Lettuce-Assorted Varieties Each early-July thru mid-October
Onion-Green Bunch mid-June thru August
Onion-Red Each September thru December
Onion-Yellow Pound September thru March
Parsley-Italian Bunch August thru November
Parsnip Bulk mid-September thru March
Peas-Snap Bulk July thru August
Pepper-Assorted Varieties Each mid-August thru October
Potato-Gold, Red, Russet, White Bulk Year round
Pumpkin-Pie Each late-September thru December
Raspberry Litre July
Rutabaga Each mid-September thru February
Salad Mix Bag June thru November
Shallots Bulk mid-August thru January
Spinach Bunch April thru November
Squash-Assorted Varieties Each mid-September thru January
Strawberry Litre mid-June
Tomato-Assorted Varieties Bulk mid-August thru October
Turnip-Gold, Purple Top Bunch mid-July thru August
Zucchini Each mid-July thru September