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Whether it's chicken, fish, vegetarian or our own organic beef, these recipes are sure to make you loosen that belt one notch before you leave the table.

BBQ Beef Round Steak

Lots of folks ask us how best to grill round steak. We like our steak steeped and finished with a flavourful baste. Grill this recipe on the BBQ all summer long and spice things up with a few tasty variations to the baste. Be warned, if you are cooking downwind, your neighbours are sure to drop by.

Beer Sausage

I like beer! They say that beer goes with anything and beer and sausage is a match made in sporting heaven. This simple recipe is great on its own but goes better with a group of friends watching a televised sporting event together. You'll feel like you are at the ballpark.

Curry Burger

This veggie burger is surprisingly mild on the palate. Considering the plethora of unique flavors that go into this burger none overpower the other and the taste is unique to the burger itself.

Eggplant Parmigian

Be warned! This recipe will consume close to two hours of your time from start to finish but once you taste the result you will realize that it was time well spent.

Fettuccine with Ricotta

Enjoy a scrumptious home-cooked Italian dinner in less than 20 minutes. The timer begins when you turn your stovetop element to high.